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How many computers do you have lying around the house?

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Myself personally? In terms of PCs that can be operational, four: my main desktop, my laptop, an old ThinkPad T23 and an old HP desktop from 2006. I also have an extra desktop that’s not operational currently because of issues with its RAM.

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myself got over 14 computers.oldest one my collection is an apple 3 what was my first computer..few atari and some nitendo ancient consoles.

got also few ibm laptops from 1990..one got 256mbit and 10gb hdd it costed fortune in that era.

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Two desktops (ones a gaming rig and the other is a old ibm i use for MS-Dos) and one laptop

how u doin?

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I don't know I think I love pc's I have 28 in total which are a mix of laptops between the years of 2006 - 2012 and desktops that are from the years 1997 - 2014 I can't really list them due to the fact of having so many.

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We have 3 people in family and each have our own desktop PCs.

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My dad has a desktop and a laptop, my mom has a laptop, I have 2 desktops and a laptop, and my nephew has a desktop.


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3600X and RTX 2070 with too many storage drives to count. 

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