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Being a liquid cooling enthusiast, I have come to consider a series of trials attempting to find a daily use sub-zero cooling solution whether reliable or not. As running groups of large Rads, all with running industrial fans cooling each individual Rad has proven not enough in reaching sub-zero temps (especially when running continuously at extremely high overclocks). I have come to attempt rather less-conventional methods in cooling my whole PC at sub-zero temps including submerging my Rads in antifreeze, and cooling the antifreeze with disassembled A/C units and or a deep-freeze, and even full-on submerging my PC (obliviously not at full on Sub-Zero temps though, that would damage the motherboard). All found the same results with unstable temps, reaching above 0 C temps (as in up to 70 C) when under full load for extended periods, further making my overclocks unstable and thermal throttle at extreme overclocks.


What I'd like to hear is whether or not someone else possibly, has found better (more sub-zero inclined) liquids possible of holding my hardware stable, even if it only works with a hella janky setup. I understand that this is a rather complex question requiring mucho of experienca (my best Spanish) and likely won't get a clear answer for quite some time, but I also would like to hear some opinions on the matter and discuss the topic in general with like minds, I think this could prove to be a quite interesting topic.

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Ok, few things:

You can try building a case like this:

Sub-zero quite easily if you are fine with it taking a while to get cooling properly when you turn it on.

Or, if you are ok with sub-ambient but not sub-zero cooling, get a massive aquarium water chiller!

So something like this: https://www.amazon.com/Active-AACH10HP-Chiller-Cooling-System/dp/B07BHHP4Q2/ref=dp_ob_title_garden?th=1

The higher the BTU rating the better.

If you want my attention, quote meh! D: or just stick an @samcool55 in your post :3

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