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Seagate Exos vs. Ironwolf

On 9/29/2019 at 9:07 AM, Jisagi said:

I'm planing my next home server build and I'm stuck with the HDDs right now. The usage will be inside a normal comsumer case (not a server rack) running in a RAID (not sure which one yet, either 6 or 10) and I don't plan on using more than 6 drives. The storage pool will mainly be used for large video files, some private & business projects and a small amount private photos.


My plan is to get 5x or 6x 6TB drives, but there are Exos (ST6000NM0115) and Ironwolf (ST6000VN0033). Both have 256MB cache, 7200rpm and more or less the same power usage. Ironwolf is geared for NAS usage, but Exos doesn't seem to be too far off as "Enterprise" drive either. The price is within spitting distance as well. The only real differences seems to be the 2 million hours MTBF of the Exos comapred to the 1 million hours of the Ironwolf drive and the longer warranty. For my kind of usage, which doesn't have too much "enterprise" in it and more "classic NAS usage", would buying the Exos variant be the better choice because of the less likeness of a failure and the longer warranty, or does it really matter at all?

For home use there may not be much difference between one and the other but the Exos unit is better because it is focused on business use, the IronWolf Pro unit has a performance very similar to the enterprise level but it is cheaper and that is why many companies use the Pro version of the Seagate IronWolf (They ussually purchase in bulks), because it is cheaper than Exos but with a very similar endurance, so they can save some bucks per unit and thus making it more profitable. In your specific case, it is not necessary to have the Exos but if you have the money to buy it then go ahead because you will acquire some of the best there is today, however it is not necessary and it would be merely a decision of yours and your personal budget.

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On 10/2/2019 at 10:43 PM, Kilrah said:

Now the wait... distributor quotes availability on Oct 10th :(

Still waiting, delivery date was bumped to the 18th 😑

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