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weird gpu behavior

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so when i turn on my pc from a cold boot or wake it up after leaving it to sleep for 24+ hours i will have lines at the bottom of my screen and on only on my main display which is an ASUS XG32V but after about 10 min of letting the pc warm up i reboot and the lines are gone. but if i reboot before the pc warms up the lines remain i have NO idea whats causing this i have reseated EVERY component of my pc as well as i have checked all the cables. i can only think that the gpu is causing it some how but i have changed ports and cables already


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I had a very similar problem to this, it was the GPU not being seated right in the motherboard slot by just a fraction. After 10-20 mins of operation the contacts would obviously expand very slightly and rebooting sorted it. Try re-seating the graphics card and see if that helps. 

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