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Corsair Lian Li Bykski Barrow 5v argb pin out guide only

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Disclaimer i will not be held responsible for any damages and im not a professional do it at your own risk.


well this is a pin out guide for corsair, lianli, bykski and barrow hopefully i got the pins right. only thing i don't have is thermal take pinout.

lian li: uses a jst-sm connector

byksk:Jst 2.0 PH 4pin to 3pin argb connector ( some of there stuff come with an adapter to go from byksk to 3pin argb connector. you can also buy the adapter cable by it self. also there a big and small hub)

barrow: uses a stander 3pin fan connector

thermal take: connector unknown (or have not researcher it )

NZXT: (i think it uses jst 2.0 ph connectors)

corsair: connectors uses 3pin and 4 pin connectors. they are called many names so its hard to look up. each web site might innovatory it with there own name and model number so.

2543 MOLEX 2.54mm
MX2.54 Dupont
Belt Buckle 2.54mm
Molex 50-57-9403 3pin male
Molex 70107-0002 3pin female
Molex 50-57-9404 4pin male
Molex 70107-0003 4pin female





my other post about corsair connectors

corsair connetors journey




corair lian li bykski barrow argb pin out 3.jpg

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