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I need to turn off turbo boost.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I have been playing some games and then my game just got alot of frame drops im like what just hapend becuase is hapend every 3 or 4 seconds so i cheked my cpu usage it was at 100 3.9ghz / 4ghz and the temp was 105c.

Then I tryed to look up on the internett to find some way to turn of turbo boost and none of them worked its still just at 4ghz and i need to lower to get better temps can some one pls help me.




My system i5 3570 4 cores 4 threads @ 3.4ghz with stock cooler nvidia gtx 1060 3gb with 16gb ddr 1400 mhz



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Don't sacrifice performance. Inspect the cooler. Is it dusty? Clean it. Is the thermal compound crusty? Replace it.


Or better yet buy a new CPU cooler. There are pretty cheap ones that perform better than the stock cooler.

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