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CM Masterbox Pro 5 RGB Airflow

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Hey everyone, my build uses the Masterbox Pro 5 RGB and I was looking for some opinions and/or suggestions regarding a planned mod to the front panel to improve airflow and cooling.


For those who are unfamiliar with the case, here's a quick explanation of the front panel. The front panel is a solid piece of tinted acrylic that measures approximately 17 inches by 5 inches. It has small ventilation holes running the length of the panel on both sides that are about 4 mm wide. There are three 120 mm fans directly behind the panel that pull air into the case. In short, these three fans are fairly restricted in terms of airflow.


The European Cooler Master store sells a mesh front panel replacement for the case, but it comes out to around $70 CAD with shipping. At that point I might as well spend a little more and buy a new case.


I came up with two mods to choose between. The first would be to cut a hole in the acrylic panel, then fill the hole with a mesh (preferably metal) and attach a dust filter behind the mesh. The second would be to drill holes throughout the entire acrylic panel, then attach a dust filter behind the panel.


What mod do you think would work best? Have any of you ever done a similar mod? If so, any idea where I can buy a big enough mesh and dust filter?


Thanks in advance for any input!

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he cuts holes on metal but you get the idea. also use mesh in front.



what you could do thow is get a peach of plex cut to fit in there then cut a frame out and then attach a mesh to it. i read that cheap pantyhose works good.


another option would be to add fans on the bottom and top.


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