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Rackmount Keyboard/Monitors?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

does anyone know if there are any rackmount Display/Keyboards (KVMs) out there that are 1080p, with only 1 input (HDMI/DP)?

Hardmode: less than $600 USD? 


I can't seem to find anything worthwhile and for as stupid as these things are, (19in LCD and keyboard) why the heck are they ~800+ USD?


I'm building a home server/ VM box, and while i plan to remote into it alot, I also want to be able to look into it while i'm home. i'm not going to get a shelf and put a full size monitor and keyboard on it, because that's dumb. 

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23 minutes ago, VioDuskar said:

why the heck are they ~800+ USD?

It's dumb but they are low production and meant for enterprise environments where, since you only need 1 per server room, $400 vs $800 is pretty much inconsequential. 


If you want 1080p under $600, you are probably best looking at used. Why 1080p though?



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