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Earl Talatala

Display drivers causes BSOD help

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Good day. I can't always boot to desktop because I am always greeted by this BSOD after boot. Booting into Safe Mode, deleting Intel HD and Nvidia Graphics drivers do the trick. But after about 5 minutes into doing some stuff on my laptop, it goes into BSOD, again. And the process goes on and on.


I should mention that while my screen is black on desktop, I can STILL hear some sounds like something has finished downloading in the background or stuff. Also, immediately after the black screen I heard the system sound like someone  pulled a USB drive out of the system. It's a weird sound considering I haven't touched anything. It's like Windows uninstall or installed something on it's own.


PS: BSOD is for BLACK screen of death, not the blue one. Thank you.


I'm about 96% sure this was because of bad driver because of the following pictures




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Just now, Earl Talatala said:

I'm sorry but I didn't quite understand that

display driver uninstaller? its a usefull app that can help sometimes

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Dead GPU.  RMA if still in warranty.  If its out of warranty, you are out of luck.


The only other possible problem is a faulty power supply, but that generally does not cause this kind of artifacting.


The "device removed" ding is because the GPU is dropping off the PCIe bus.  The GPU itself is locking up and no longer responding even though windows is semi-gracefully recovering.  If you had a USB video adapter you could probably plug it in and keep using the computer after the GPU is failing, and I would bet money that the GPU is no longer in device manager.

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For what it’s worth, @KarathKasun is probably right. Had an iMac just die from a graphics card failure and had similar behavior out of it. Started off with screen glitch, it recovered once then crashed about 30 minutes in, and now the card is completely dead. 

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