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Mike Wolfe

System backup and restore

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I am really hesitant about doing a fresh install cause of my games (Games are installed on D drive). I'm afraid that I would have to reinstall all of them again. That's my biggest concern since I don't have the packages anymore with product keys.

I guess I should be asking, would a fresh install cause that problem?

The items on my C drive like chrome and iTunes are easy to replace. I have already set up "My Library" (Doc, Vids, Pix, Music) defaults to my D drive. All my Games and any programs that let me choose where to install have all gone on to my D drive.

If I made a backup of my C drive and did a fresh install of Win 10 (upgrading from Win 7) would it restore all of the files back so I would not have to reinstall anything on my D drive? Or would a restore only work on the same version of Windows it was backed up on?

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just do a full backup not just a system backup and restore thing. 

not sure if this will work with different OSes

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