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LTE Laptops can they call?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

hey guys this seems really random (because it is) but can laptops with LTE so like a sim card slot make normal phone calls?

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They typically do not have either the hardware or the type of plan that supports this.

Though I am sure it could be done if there was enough demand. (There isn't).

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Using VoIP sure. Skype or Google Voice, even making free calls from your Gmail. 


These laptops would likely use "tablet data addon plans" that only include data, not texting/calling. 
I currently have one of these plans for $15/month @ 3GB and it flexes to 5GB for an extra $5 if I go over. Got a free tablet with it and just swapped the SIM card over to my Pixel 2 then use TextMeUp (VoIP app) instead of the native calling/texting apps built into my phone. 

Saves me easily $50-60/month on my cell bill. 

Remember to quote me so I see your reply
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2x Cooler Master MasterLiquid Stock 120mm fans (front+back of AIO)



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MO:Logitech G602 Wireless

CO: Steam Controller

HE: Sennheiser HD 4.40

SP. Logitech Z213

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no. they dont have that capability. 

its like the data only plans that carriers provide. 

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Yes a LTE capable laptop can make phone calls.

It's a matter of software. Windows supports it but doesn't come bundled with software to actually deal with the phone functions.

afaik MS doesn't even produce any such software anymore now that windows phone is dead.

If the laptop is using a snapdragon chipset, there's likely to be a Android distro that'll work.



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