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(and sorry for bad English)

Hello Everyone!

Here's a thing. I've got my father old 27 inch IMac 2012. I hate apple company, but it doesn't change a fact that their All -in-one Computers looks great. Anyway let's go back to the topic.
So as you may know, IMac from 2012 have a common issue with... GPU. It could burn itself down because of malfuctions of motherboard after something between 2-3 years. Of course, you may find working IMac from 2012 that never burned up, but not this time. For my misfortune, same problem ocured with this one so I can't use it as second screen. I don't like throwing things away and I love design of it.

So the idea pops up. Why can i not build a standalone monitor?
Buit my own All-in-One. ( either way I need to do first idea)

And here's a problem. IMac ( or I will be using word money bag) have connection ONLY to motherboard, so controller is on it.
I don't even know, is that standalone controller for this screen even exist. I was looking, but i couldn't find anything like that.
If i want to go to my second step, it's going to be harder:

1. Holes and ports.
If i will use it as all-in-one i need to:
-change ports from 2.0 to 3.1 /3.2
-make holes for ports like HDMI, DPORT and audio.

2. Screen as a case opening = bad idea or badly done.
Srsly.. I hate this "safety" and "warranty" feature of my money bag. I think of a way to have really simple opening. Like rails in drawer or additional screen protector form the inside, with some hook or something, to get this off easily for future upgrade for example.

3. Space, Power Supply and heat.
I know I can use miniITX and heatsink from producer, but what's with power supply?
Which GPU should I put to not overheat my computer?
For sure I'm planning to use AMD Processor with their heatsink Like Ryzen 5 3gen
For motherboard GIGABYTE B450 I Aorus Pro

So here I am - begging for some help, because I want to use this thing. + I think it's could be nice idea for even future video, but it's only a dream.

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