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PC turning on without any display on monitor

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I turn on my pc and everything lights up inside and fans are on, however there is no display on my screen and my keyboard/mouse do not light up. I’ve tried different display ports, cables and monitors but nothing shows up.


I replaced my motherboard, ram gpu and psu assuming they may be the problem, but nothing still comes up on my display when turning my pc on.

I’ve tried everything on forums I.e trying to reset bios manually etc but nothing seems to work

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If you can buy a really cheap cpu for your socket, then test it. Do you have graphics on your motherboard? If so, try that. If neither of the other 2 work try buying a psu tester, you can get the on amazon.

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Posted · Original PosterOP
3 minutes ago, Andrew 1337 said:

Is this a new build or a system that was working before this issue?

It was a system working before this issue, like no problems would turn on the pc everything would be good, just suddenly messed up one day


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