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School club ideas

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I am a sophomore in a high school. I want to start a technology club with my friends in my school.We know about coding and we want it to be the main activity in the club, but we don't want it to be the only one. Our parents wouldn't be covering much of the club's expenses. And we would not be able to get much money for the club, just some from membership fees. I want to know cheap, fun and educational activities that we can do in the club. 

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You can do game jams. The only things you would need are like (at least) two basic laptops per team (maybe a bit more advanced laptops if you're doing some 3D stuff) and some pen and paper (plus a whole bunch of creativity).

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And maybe podcasts about tech? You could be reading LTT posts or discuss videos or something.

Or teach the basics of some languages, maybe teaching about different jobs in the IT field.

That is cheap.

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- Coding challenges/contests i.e. who can write the most efficient code to do something

- Hackathons 

- Discuss recent tech news and events. You could take turns researching and giving a short presentation on a topic leading into discussion.

- Get some Arduinos or Raspberry Pi's and do projects with those

- Get some vintage hardware and try to make it work. IMO the troubleshooting old stuff is way more interesting and allows more user involvement and hacks.

- Set up a website; you can host on Github for free

- Invite local tech professionals to come give a presentation to the club

- Take field trips to cool places; reach out to local companies or colleges and see if they'd give a tour

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You won't really need a lot, if everybody can grab a hold of school PCs or personal laptops etc.


Programming can be fun to get into with friends, and it's not all that difficult in my opinion, there are some great online learning resources. Just be sure to have projects to learn for and try to do (but don't get too ambitious, recreating Netflix is too big for a first project ^^)


What do you have to work with? Would you have access to school resources? Are you sure you want to take a membership fee? How many people would pay and how much would it be? What can your club offer in return?


If you manage to get a small monthly budget, you could try renting a small server and setting it up. You could set up a web server and learn some web development or host your own minecraft (spigot?) server and maybe create your own plugins. It all depends on what you know, what your goal is and which resources you have access to.


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my school has a tinkering club that i'm in, maybe buy some raspberry pis and EV3s or something


ofc you need PCs

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