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File Sharing from windows to mac requiring network credentials

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi there, 

I want to share files from my windows PC to my sister's MacBook Pro (2015 model if it helps). i've successfully shared files from windows to windows without the need for network credentials by setting the password protected sharing off in the control panel. however on mac, it still asks me for my network credentials. i've tried creating a new user in the user credential manager, using the mac's local host name ([insert name].local), I have created a sharing only account on the macbook, still to no avail. 

soon after, I tried sharing the file from the mac, to the PC. it worked. i didn't need any network credentials, i could read and write files on the folder, it worked. what i want to know is how can I access the PC shared files without network credentials, or at the very least know what the network credentials are (I've tried using both the sharing only, and admin account on the mac).

[possibly important information]

I have a static ip on the PC

the first picture was using "guest mode" in the network credential window

any attempts at using either an account on the macbook, or a created account on the PC did not work



Thank you for reading.

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