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Lord Letto

You want to know what sucks about working/volunteering somewhere that accepts e-waste?

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Seeing stuff that could be reused/worth money if it still works & not allowed to take it, therefore destined to be e-wasted/scrapped

I volunteer at a Habitat For Humanity ReStore that accepts e-waste here in Ontario, i went back yesterday after 3 weeks off & found the following in the e-waste bin:

Gigabyte X58A-UD3R with a i7-920 in it, old custom PC, Cooler Master case(never took pics of), NZXT semi-modular PSU, ASUS M5A97 motherboard with a Cooler Master tower cooler (perhaps a 212 of some version or similar, never removed so unknown CPU, it's AM3+ so perhaps a FX of some kind?), Gigabyte GTS 450 1GB GDDR5 & 4 sticks of Patriot G2 RAM, also a old eMachines T3828 PC (that i'm not sad about as it likely deserves to go due to how old/low end it is (Intel Celeron D 335, 80GB 7200RPM HDD, CD/DVD combo drive (looks like it was replaced with a DVD-RW, can't tell from pic though) & 256MB of DDR SDRAM))



On the phone side of things, here's a broken iPhone (iPhone 6?) that ended up in e-waste also:


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Man, that really stinks. I won’t lie, I actually could use that motherboard right about now

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Work your way up in the company until you have the authority to take whatever you want. :D


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Knowing an NZXT thing got scrapped always warm my heart 😈


The mobos though... that's just sad, can't believe some people around the world throw that as waste, it's prolly 5x times better than my PC. Please don't disrespect the Celerons, I still have a fully functional 347 right here.

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this is why you should have a freegeek near you like me with their awful ebay descriptions /s


but such a shame to see stuff get scraped

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1 hour ago, Caroline said:

Knowing an NZXT thing got scrapped always warm my heart 😈



why the hate for nzxt they make good products some of their older stuff is a little iffy but atleast they dont lie about their products **cough** Apple** cough ** **cough** 



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I honestly don't understand why you call it sucking. They are recycling, sort of. That's already better than leaving them in pile to junkyards, poisoning land and water.


Sure, the parts could probably have been reused. But considering that target audience and reaching them would be costly at least, not seeing it worth it. For now. The change must start from buying habits themselves.

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In China they just turn them into new motherboards.

like a patchwork quilt of pc parts


thats what most of the noname 775 boards on aliexpress are, new pcb with recycled components 

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