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How do i mak a HTML Analog Clock? with css control

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Posted Original PosterOP

Hello! 馃檪

Thanks for using your time to help me. 馃檪

How do i make a HTML Analog Clock? with css control

Any help is greatly apprichiated 馃檪

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Posted Original PosterOP
5 minutes ago, Dujith said:

With just HTML you cant, you will need a script for that.

And how do you mean css control?

i want css sizing controls, location controls with css.

also could we you javascript for it? im unfortunatly unable to find a javascript that works with it

thanks for your time 馃檪

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Tbh start with just displaying time in your chosen time zone. Just in plain text.

When you understand that, then make the analog clock. Otherwise you will have no clue what you did and wont be able to reproduce it.

Steps would be:

1. Display a text clock

2. Display a text clock with the ability to choose time zone

3. Change color of the text with css

From there you can work with a canvas and start to draw stuff with javascript.聽

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