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Bad download speed on browsers, but not on Steam?

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Posted · Original PosterOP


I have internet speed of a 100Mbps and when I download something from Steam, it downloads it with normal speed (about 11-12MBps), but in all browsers when I put something to download speed is capped to 2MBps or 2.6MBps, it doesn't go above. I first thought that it was because of their servers but then I connected same ethernet cable on my laptop and it was downloading the same file at a normal speed(11-12MBps). It happens on every browser. I scanned pc with malwarebytes and few other programs but nothing was found. I reinstalled lan drivers but it didn't help. Speedtest.net is showing 100Mbps. Any help?

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My problem is somewhat similar, I have terrible download speed using an ethernet connection on my gaming pc, but the download speed on Steam and LoL updates are at the speed I would expect for my maximum internet capability. You might have the same problem as me/a similar one. This is the thread link I made about my issue yesterday. If someone gives a solution on my thread you should try it out. This doesn't really help right now, but I hope it will in the future. 


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Posted · Original PosterOP

Well I've had this issue for almost 2 weeks now, and I've decided to reinstall Windows without keeping any files. It's finally fixed. I hope you find the solution.

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