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RTX 2080ti with i5 8600 vs i9 9900k

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello i just bought RTX 2080ti. What difference in fps would i see between i5 8600(non K) vs i9 9900K at 1440p 144hz screen ? Right now i have  i5 8600 that fullfil my needs (i am photographer so i edit photos a lot). But i am also gamer so if there would be reasonable gap in fps between i5 8600 and i9 9900k I would go for upgrade (ofc i would prefer just to save money and keep i5). Thank for the reply

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I9 will always be best for 4k or 1440p it is a good chip but if u only need to play at 1080p and not do anything special that overloads your cpu then don't go with the i9

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