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Software to monitor CPU temp

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Any software recommendations to monitor my CPU temp? I was using CAM but then my temp started to bounce by 10 degrees out of no where for some reason. Then it showed my CPU temp was 95. My pc did not shut off but I turned it off and let it cool down and contacted NZXT (the people who made my water cooler). I dont know if CAM was wrong or my temps are really messed up. Any CPU software temp recommendations besides CAM to see if my pump is really dead?

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Use Ryzen Master for accurate readings. Cam software is broken

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8 hours ago, Hamface55 said:

nvm downloaded core temp and the temps were right. I think my pump is dead.

Are you sure? Like if you open case and listen to it, you don't hear anything?

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10 hours ago, JerseyB said:

What is Ryzen Master?

Ryzen Master is a software monitoring tool for AMD Ryzen CPUs (as well as oveclocking tool). Not sure if it works for Intel, though.

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