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How long will I have access to my office 365 after I leave school?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi, I have an office 365 account from my school and I use a device licensed to that account.

Now, I doubt that anyone would know but what happens after I leave the school?

Do I get a notification that my license expired on my pc? Do I lose all the licensing to the programs?

Do I lose all data stored on OneDrive?

Does my account just get deleted and when I try to log in nothing appears?

If so, do I have a notice that my account will be deleted so I can get my files or is it just instant?

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You might want to back up your onedrive locally on an external hard drive or something just to be sure. (I don' mean using the onedrive software to sync it with your pc, I mean by actually downloading it.)


I'm actually in a similar position right now so I'm keen to hear what happens.


My guess is that once the school cancels the microsoft account associated with all of your school stuff you'll lose all access to your office programs without warning. My other guess is that your onedrive storage will be permanently lost.

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I never used my College OneDrive but I did have access to an Office 365 Account, they removed my student account about 6 weeks ago and i've just checked and can no longer gain access to the office365 software, sooooo sometime between instantly and 6 weeks?

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I used to do IT for a school district.

In our case, your accounts for both O365(student email and onedrive) and Google(google docs) was automatically disabled 30 days after the date of graduation.


it may not be the same everywhere, but thats how we did it

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You should ask about it. They might do cleaning of old accounts same time every summer (or twice a year if there's variation on graduation times). Office also checks for connection at some intervals. Sadly I can't remember how long that period is (changed from Uni account to college account), but probably once a week to once a month.

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Sorry to bump an old thread, but I thought my answer would be quite relevant.


I am a technician in a UK school and we don't delete accounts when a student leaves, however they are disabled* and all Office 365 licenses removed. This means we can archive the mailbox without it's contents being deleted, which allows us to be able to restore it or retrieve data from it in future if requested. However you, as the end user, will not be able to log in or access the data after the account has been disabled. 


*This is how we implement this in my school. Other schools may be different and may delete accounts entirely.

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