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Ryzen 3600 + B350 stuttering

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi guys, 

I recently bought a new pc for my dad as it follows

Ryzen 5 3600 

Biostar B350GT3

Hyper-X 3000 MHz 8 GB DDR4

NVIDIA 1660Ti 

From my old PC:

Power supply Thermaltake TR2 600W

Kingston SSD 240 GB 


I have updated the bios, AMD chipset drivers and I've used driver booster 6 to update everything needed. Windows 10 is freshly installed. 


The problem is, it stutters watching YouTube videos, playing games, you name it. It's quick but the audio goes Robotic, mouse and video stop for a tiny millisecond. 


My windows 10 resource monitor shows a lot of hard faults /s on the memory, that's is my lead to debug this problem but I have no idea what else can be.


I need help from you guys. 


My dad's old i5 2500 was just fine and lasted long time and I wish this ryzen could best longevity. 





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Is Windows Update trying to do anything in the background?


Is anything being flagged as "unknown" or "unidentified" in Device Manager?


The B350GT3 has 4 slots for memory modules. Are you using the correct slot for the module(s) as recommended in the motherboard manual? Also, are you using XMP settings for the RAM in the BIOS? If not, try setting it.

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I had exactly the same issue with my 3800x/X570 Aorus Pro. For me the issue was the 1903 feature pack for Windows 10. Switching to 1809 solved the problem for me. Oddly enough updating to 1903 after a full setup and driver install on an 1809 iso also worked.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I figure it out the dumbest way. 

Format my PC again, clean install, 1903 version and I didn't install any driver from the vendors. Just let windows 10 figure everything out and it's running perfectly. 

That's so stupid but works. 

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