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ASUS Aura sync blink/flash.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I've noticed that sometimes my RGB blinks to random colour for a fraction of a second when the colours are shifting.

It is intermittent but happens when there is spectrum cycling, like when a colour fades to another.


This video was shot on a potato in slo-mo mode, but you can see around 2 seconds in, on the rear exhaust fan the colours start to shift to a different colour, but shoots off to a random colour, then go back to resume the fade.

This happens to all the case fan lights at the same time.


Anyone experience this?


Latest Aura software version.

Currently using 1 ADD header on the ASUS R6E mobo to sync these:

6 TT Riing ADD RGB fans on 1 TT sync controller with sata power.

3 light strips on Evolv X case

And these in the RAM slots

8x sticks of Trident RGB kit


Aura sync set to 120 ADD strip lights in config (this is the max).


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