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Low GPU usage while gaming

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello everyone , i have been having very low gpu usage when gaming even with everything maxed out it never goes above 40 % and only for like 2 secs , and my CPU is working harder mostly only 1 core is making all the work ill post screenshots of when i was playing csgo with everything maxed out also i set everything to default on nvidia to see if it would push the gpu more but it didnt same as if i was playing with everything on low and i see people with the same setup benchmarking on youtube and they have like 60 % on all cores and gpu is like min 60 % up to 80 %  


My setup :
CPU: i7 8700 k at 4.5 ghz
GPU: GTX 1080 ARMOR 8gb
MB: ASUS PrimeZ 370 p
RAM: 2 x 8 gb Ripjaws at 2400 mhz
PSU: 630 w berlin 80 +
DISPLAY : MSI Optix Mag27c

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Posted · Original PosterOP

yeah im getting 200 + fps but the games still feel laggy  and i think maybe it might be because of that because i tried everything else and cant fix whatever is causing my games to perform bad despite having high fps 

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