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Windows 10 app volume and device preferences not working for all apps

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I bought Helicon GoXLR couple months ago, and been super happy with it. When gaming with friends, in many occasions volume levels fluctuate quite a lot depending what is going in the game. Since GoXLR offers virtual output devices, it's super nice when you can assign "Game"-interface for games, and when game volume rises it's easy to tune it down with one slider in mixer.


And now in problem. I've noticed that some of games do not get affected by "Output"-device assignment (ex. Barotrauma, WoW Classic). Is that  app and device preference selection something that developers have to build support in their games/apps to work, or is that completely handled by Windows?


Example for Spotify, I can easily swap on the fly output device in settings, and it affects immediately to output device.

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