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How do I disable the "Easy Connect" Wireless Network?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Story time...

So recently I finally got fed up with Rogers' CODA-4582U crap-tastic Wi-Fi, lackluster speed, terrible range and unacceptable unreliability.

I picked up a Ubiquiti UniFi UAP-AC-PRO on sale for a great price, got it connected and configured pretty easily, went to disable the Wi-Fi built into the CODA-4582U, turned the wireless OFF for both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz, getting great speeds (from the Ubiquiti) about 300Mbps on my PC AND 280Mbps on my phone and excellent range to boot (reliability yet to be evaluated, but I'm guessing the Ubiquiti is probably going to cream the Hitron) so all's well right?


NO! A new wireless network called "Easy Connect" / "Easy Connect 5G" has appeared in my list of available networks on both my PC and my phone, well all my clients really...

So I thought to myself WTF is this network? At first I thought it was the maybe the guest network for the Ubiquiti, but according to the hardware MAC Address it is indeed the Hitron CODA-4582U.

Apparently, this SSID gets turned on automatically when no other wireless config is present or Wi-Fi is turned off altogether and it's meant to use the "Easy Connect" software (available from Rogers on their website) to connect PCs, phones etc, to the Modem/Wireless Router and configure the Wi-Fi Network, if for some reason you don't own an ethernet cable and are a huge masochist... :/

I cannot figure out how to turn this network off! It's mere presence is seriously messing with my OCD, my siblings have already tried to connect to the internet using it by mistake twice and according to Wi-Fi analyser it runs on channel 1 and upto channel 5 and is potentially interfering with my shiny new Ubiquiti Wi-Fi! (I'm aware you can change Wi-Fi channels in the Ubiquiti app and have sone so)

I looked in the Hitron CODA-4582U'S official user manual for help and found this:


Post image
Post image

Well, if the manual is accurate to how the CODA-4582U is programmed, this problem makes a degree of sense.


So naturally I'm at a complete loss on how to turn the Wi-Fi hardware off completely and am considering taking it apart and attempting to remove the Wi-Fi antennae completely, but I'm guessing they might just be built right into the circuit board with no way to disable or remove them.


Note: I am aware I could have just gotten a third-party Modem and separate Wireless Router, but I didn't feel like going through the hassle of having one "provisioned" (did that for my grandparents' network, it was hell) and I was on a very tight budge the only reason I was able to afford the Ubiquiti is because it was on sale on Newegg during labour day for 40% off.


My home network is also fairly complicated, consisting of many, many wired and wireless clients, security devices, VOIP, as well as a File/Media server and I didn't want to have to completely redesign and partially re-wire my home network, nor do I want to split my Wireless and Wired networks into 2 separate networks or subnets as that makes using SMB very complicated.


I can also confirm that setting the Modem to Bridged mode turns on "Easy Connect" as well! :/


Please give me any suggestions about how to disable the "Easy Connect" network, I'm open to jailbreaking etc. Thank You in advance!

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14 minutes ago, dave_thenerd said:


Please give me any suggestions about how to disable the "Easy Connect" network, I'm open to jailbreaking etc. Thank You in advance!

Contact Rogers and ask them to bridge your modem. If they can't do this, find another modem. If they won't let you use another modem, find another ISP.

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