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Looking for Music deployment advice

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Posted · Original PosterOP



I was looking for some advice on how I can hopefully make my life alot easier with this process.


We have an iTunes library with 1,000+ songs that sits on a MacBook. We then sync that library up to 30+ iPads. However, as we add more songs to the library we then have to go to each of those iPads and re-sync the whole library... This process is time consuming, and takes up alot of space on our 16gb iPads.


I am looking for a cloud based solution that can store our music and have as many as 30+ devices stream the music from there? I am noticing alot of services stop at around 6 devices total... Any ideas?


If cloud based solution is out of the question, any ideas on how I can make the deployment of new music to these iPads faster? Is there a better music platform than iTunes? Is there a way to sync multiple iPads at once?



Thank you.

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