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CPU usage

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So, while playing Gears 5 I noticed my CPU usage was pretty high( 9700k, gtx 1080). So I started playing other games to check it out.


While playing Metro Exodus with Vsync off, my GPU usage was 97-99, cool, but my overall cpu usage was hovering around 75%-80%....


Gears 5 also had my 9700k using 70-85%. I'm seeing other people with a 9900k(yes I know, more threads) with only 40-45% usage with Metro Exodus... Not sure if my cpu usage is high or not, I'm not getting any stuttering. Buttery smooth performance, just my cpu usage being that high with an 8 core chip seems odd?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So, ok, playing Gears 5 multiplayer with Vsync off I was hovering around 60-70% CPU usage(gpu usage 97%), Vsync off, 17-25% cpu usage. Seems the monitor I was using was going off 1 core that was using 80% and not overall 8. Still, 60-65% cpu usage still seems a bit high no? 


Metro Exodus with Vsync off still 70-80% cpu usage 99 gpu usage. Just seems oddly high, unless games suddenly use a full 8 cores now


Forgot to mention my GPU is a 1080.

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Games have been using more than 8 threads for a very long time now, some will use as many as you can possibly throw at them. Hyperthreading with cpus that have less than 6 cores is required to prevent bottlenecking in many new games.

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