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Windows Profile Deleted/Missing

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello All, 


I booted up my gaming/streaming PC like I do every morning when starting work from home and received and error message at my login screen "user profile service service failed the logon The user profile cannot be loaded". I am not sure whether this was a random occurrence or if my "friend" may have deleted my profile from my registry while I left my PC unlocked and unattended. Though, I did also receive a BSOD a few days ago and in computer management windows log files it showed as a system bugcheck. I ignored it unfortunately and only had the one profile on my system.


I have attached some pictures of what my login screen looks like currently and the error message I got when trying to do a system restore to the only restore point I had available while in safe mode. 

I have tried all the troubleshooting I can think of and will probably need to reimage.


I have been getting to the Windows recovery and troubleshooting options by holding shift when restarting from my broken login screen

-trying the continue and exit to Windows Recovery option just loops back to the broken login screen

-trying the use another operating system and selecting Windows Recover also goes back to the broken login screen

-trying the "reset this PC" option and selecting keep my files failed with an error message and said that no changes were made

-trying to system restore gave the error message attached

in advanced options

-trying start up repair was not able to resolve the problem 

-trying to uninstall updates both feature and quality seemed to run successfully but looped back to broken login again

-trying to use "startup settings" to change to safe boot mode just restarted and went to the broken login screen didn't give me any options

- trying to use Command Prompt opened CMD window and I ran "bcdedit /set {default} safeboot minimal" ran successfully - still just rebooted back to login after closing cmd window. 


Anyone have any suggestions before I try to save what I can from the Drive then reimage? 






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lookup how to repair a corrupt profile with the registry.

you'll need to create/log into another profile to do it

How do Reavers clean their spears?

|Specs in profile|

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Yeah I was hoping to do that in safe mode but, can't seem to get past the login screen. That is the only profile I had created unfortunately

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I was able to load the hive and find my profile in the registry from my gaming PC using my laptop but, there is not a profile duplicate with .bak at the end like I am seeing is normally the issue with the original error message "user profile service service failed the logon" So I am kind of stuck now not really sure what else I could try with adjusting the user profile, if anyone knows please help. I can't use the PC at all and planning on backing up the files from it to my external hard drive so not too worried about messing up the profile/windows install worse, if I do I will just reimage. 

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Not sure I can do a traditional profile rebuild because that is typically done in a corporate setting in the personal setting there is no GUID or ProfileGUID folder in the registry.

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