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The Anti-Mac

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Posted · Original PosterOP

This is al older build of mine, apologies if this is frown upon. But I was inspired to post by the recent LTT video.


This is a Mac G5 case that i tried to make as opposite of a G5 as possible.

Flat black powder coat, water-jet cut Windows logo with colored plexi.


My build did not retain the factory power cable input, but I installed a similar stlye one of my own up top. I did, however, retain the side panel latch, optical drive.


i used a motherboard tray from MountainMods. Some angle aluminum to mount a 240 radiator up front.


Apologies, I don't recall the original specs, this was built back in 2011 (the year also explains the complete lack of cable management). I've had 3 builds in it over the years, but it's time to let go. I'm about to build my brother his first gaming rig to celebrate his new house. And since he's a musician/creative type person who likes his mac books, it seems fitting to pass this case on to him.

I'll make sure to add to this post with the updated  pics from that build. It should be way more clean on account of what I've learned over the years, in addition to not being water cooled.



Full image gallery here:







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Bro thats amazing, always wanted a G5/old Mac Pro case for my PC.


PC (Custom Build):

CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700 3.2GHz

Cooler: Stock AMD Cooler       

Motherboard: Asus PRIME B450-PLUS

RAM: Corsair Vengance LPX 2x8gb 3000MHz

GPU: XFX R9 270X 2gb

Case: NZXT Source 530 

HDDs: 1x 250 gb SSD, 1x 2tb, 1x 1tb


Laptop (HP):

CPU: AMD E2-7110 APU with Radeon R2 graphics

RAM: 4gb Generic DDR3

HDD: 250gb Crucial SSD



Main: iPhone 6s 32gb Space Grey (upgrading to iPhone 8 plus)


Mint Boxed iPhone 4s 16gb Black

Boxed Cracked iPhone 2G 8gb (gonna fix)

iPhone SE 32gb Rose Gold Boxed rising screen (botched rear glass replacement)

iPhone 5s 16gb Silver No Box

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Boxed

I like iPhones and only have the Samsung as my mate upgraded to S9 (when it was new)

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5 minutes ago, JoshMS said:

i used a motherboard tray from MountainMods. Some angle aluminum to mount a 240 radiator up front.


(I have an HPTX one and XL-ATX one for my EVGA mobos, I mount them to plywood for test benches that don't cost $250)

Also daaaaamn that's clean, and the windows logo is a noice touch 👌 Someone needs to make a Linux box with a penguin cut out of the side now so the trinity can be complete. 

X58 Madlads: General X58 Xeon/i7 discussion     X99 bois: General X99 Xeon/i7 Discussion 


Current Rig: 


i7 5820K on a Heatkiller IV Pro Acetal
EVGA X99 Classified
32GB (4x8) 3200Mhz CL16 HyperX Predator DDR4
Radeon VII on an EK Acetal block and black EK backplate 
250GB 960 Evo, 1TB 970 Evo
Corsair RM1000i

Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ATX TG, Grey
EK D5 pump/res combo, EK-ZMT tubing, EK stubby barb fittings, 360 and 120mm GTS stealth rads, 4x Noctua iPPC NF-F12s

Folding Rig:


X5670 on an Intel stock cooler
EVGA X58 Classified 4-Way SLI
24GB (3x8GB) HyperX Savage 1600MHz CL9 DDR3
EVGA 1660 Ti XC Ultra
EVGA 1050 Ti FTW
EVGA 1600W T2, a totally reasonable wattage for this
PSU mount and mobo tray screwed to plywood


Legacy shoutouts cuz muh nostalgia won't let me delete them:


Long live his RGBness, @Damascus! And Fractal Design/SeaSonic dude, @Ordinarily_Greater is awesome as well! Also the man who introduced me to the glorious XCMR, LGA1366 Xeons, and X chipsets: @WhisperingKnickers.


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Posted · Original PosterOP

Got this bad buy re-built and upgraded. Parts donated by a friend to get my brother a gaming computer to celebrate his new house. Older gear, but more than enough for the games he'll be playing(CSGO, Overwatch)


i7-4770, 16gb ddr3, z87 mobo, two gtx760's in SLI.


Modern hardware and no water cooling resulted in a much cleaner build than previous photos 🤣






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Slick Rig, 4770 is still quite good for a better GPU so if he ever needs more GPU grunt, it'll manage that too within reason (GTX1070/1660Ti) equivalent or GTX1080/2060.

Or whatever the Used market holds :)

Maximums - Asus Z97-K /w i5 4690 Bclk @106.9Mhz * x39 = 4.17Ghz, 8GB of 2600Mhz DDR3,.. Gigabyte GTX970 G1-Gaming @ 1550Mhz


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