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This Treatment for Cancer is Out of this World - Initial studies in Micro-Gravity show a 80% reduction in cancer cells

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On 9/11/2019 at 7:40 AM, rcmaehl said:

Considering radiation in space is 2000 mSv. About 20-40 times the level required to develop cancer in the first place. I'm sure it wouldn't be good for you body to be exposed to that radiation.

you really think NASA hasn't thought of that since the 1960s

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Interesting findings however, a more effective study would be to send a new cancer patient for testing. Testing cancer cells which don't have oxygen is one thing. Testing cancer cells which are still inside a patient who still has lots of oxygen and other nutrients flowing through his body is something else.

I pray we find a cure at some point. My little brother is going through chemo currently with a very rare cancer type and its a really tough fight. Hard for him and our whole family.

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