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Displayport 1.4 capture cards - Do they exist ???

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Dear Community, 


I am looking for a DP 1.4 capture card . (usb-c or DP connectors)

most products seem to be stuck at DP 1.2a for some reason.

i work in fulldome environments and am looking for ways to reach 4096x4096 at 60h,4:4:4 in live capture. (maybe more...)

i can do it in 10GB NDI but would rather have a hardline as plan a , and NDI as plan B....for now.


Thanks group !






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Probably something difficult to find, since DP is kinda PC only. Do your outputting devices not have suitable HDMI ports?

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26 minutes ago, tikker said:

Probably something difficult to find, since DP is kinda PC only. Do your outputting devices not have suitable HDMI ports?

I agree hundred percent on that note.  Very simply said.

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if you only output and imput is DP use active adapers each end. somewhere out there there most likely is one. 

Quote me or @Not Wills for a reply! (I'm on holiday so expect a wait or no reply)

Contact info on my profile!

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Cheers !

i am looking into some of your suggestions with much attention.


my input setup is currently  a DATAPATH Dual-Channel Display Port 1.2 Ultra-HD

through 1 channel, we are topping it at 3072x3072 at 60h (with 4' cable). 30hz over extender setup (cat6)

DP1.3 or 1.4 (or HDMI 2.1) would give us more room to explore higher resolutions or framerate, they just don't seem to be on the market yet.


i just learned about all these companies that make clone capture cards,might find something in there...


the search is on!


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