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Extension usb power draw

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On back of my motherboard I am thinking to use two usb port, every port will have usb extension cable, one extension usb cable is for bluetooth BT 400 (2 meters) and other is for wifi adapter (6 meters). Will this create any problems with power draw, USB port too overloaded? Every device wiill work fine?

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Extension cables don't consume power, unless they have a chip in them to amplify the signals so that they'll travel over longer distance. Without any active amplification, I think the maximum distance recommended by the USB standard is 3 meters.

Even so, in general those chips consume very small amount of power, something like 10-50mA out of the 900mA power budget.


No, nothing bad will happen. Worst case scenario if the cable is too long, your wireless card will randomly restart or shut down because there's not enough power reaching the other end of the cable... but the computer will be just fine.



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