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Windows 10 custom Dpi scaling

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So I got myself a "new" laptop that has a 3k screen 2880 X 1620 and its a bit too hard to read without scaling so i use 125%

The problem is that my google chrome gets insane big when doing this to the point where its almost redicilous (see tab size and close in the top right)

Is there a posibility to use a difrent scaling on chrome like 115% and 125% on the other apps I know that you can disable it but then it gets way to small.


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Posted · Original PosterOP

Thanks for the help, thats only page scaling though, I ment the size from the tabs and buttons off chrome.


I tried a couple things, I tried to turn off dpi scaling but that made the tekst really blury.


I finally found the fix and that is if you change your compatibility mode to windows 8 it changes the scaling back to how it was before the anniversary update.


This was done on the the msi gs60 2pe with an screen resolution 2880 X 1620 pixels




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