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For Science!

[Meshify Rebuild] Zero Tolerance

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So I have been putting off my yearly maintenance of my Meshify C build for a while now since I moved country this year. There's nothing really wrong with the build functionally per se, but I do think my system does need a bit of tender love and care as well as a few upgrades using parts that I have lying around.


Current System Specs:

CPU: 7700K

GPU: 2x 1080 Asus Turbo

PSU: Corsari RM750x

RAM: 4x 16GB Corsair LPX 3200 MHz


My intentions are to retire the components in this build for now, and eventually recycle them for a powerful NAS build I have in mind. To replace these, I will be using the components I bought for a testbench that are arguably more powerful but seldom got used since I love my watercooled PC.


Things I already have:

New Waterblocks

2x 1080 Ti Asus Strix

X370 Crosshair VI 

4x 16 GB G. Skill Ripjaws V


Things I still want to buy

Ryzen 3950X or 3900X


I also intend on doing custom sleeving myself to keep it presentable in the back. The intended theme of the rebuild will be clear, silver and black. Hopefully a nice classy timeless build.


While my current build is still very functional and beautiful if I were to clean it up a little bit, a lot of my LEDs have started to die, too many for me to bother replacing them, and so I will be "graduating" from a heavily illuminated setup and maybe keep a strip or two illuminated only as accents.


My system, no LEDs on.



Firstly my monoblock LED strip has completely killed its Red and Green LEDs, and so will only be Blue or off (not really a problem since my coolant is blue anyway). But the Phanteks Halos have developed a rather unpleasent yellow tinge on the "white" setting over the last 1.5 years. They used to be a beautiful crisp white, but has now a yellow tinge; may be "cleaned" but I think they are all in all not worth the effort.



The LED strip in the GPU blocks have also started to die, where one is stuck on red, and another on green (on a white setting). 


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Posted · Original PosterOP

I'm so busy compared to a few years ago....I only managed to to mount a waterblock on one of my cards, but here we go.


The card in question is the Strix 1080 Ti, and I will be using an EKWB waterblock and a Nickel Backplate. The Nickel varients are actually very rare these days and I had to shop around in europe finding one in Portugal, and another one in Belgium to get my hands on them.




The installation process was smooth without hiccup and I was able to confirm on my test bench (without water) that the card still functions. I used Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut for the thermal paste as well as some Minus Pad 8 for the pads.









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Posted · Original PosterOP

Did the other GPU today and strapped them together with the terminal, I must say I love the clean look of the scalar terminals.





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Posted · Original PosterOP

Did some test fitting of components.


Beautiful Heatkiller IV Nickel Block.



The 16 mm fittings look a bit fat on the block, but oh well I am committed (sorry about the mess around)


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Posted · Original PosterOP

Also this is the reason the project is the named the way it is.


If I was to jam this graphics card block into my chassis as is, this is what happens.


Nope, not going in.



However, I actually have 5 mm to gain because I have these phanteks halos that had turned yellow. Taking this off, the graphics card literally just fits in, brushing up the side of the fans, but not getting in the way from them spinning. For this to work, I had to peel the RGB cable from the waterblocks slightly behind to save those 0.5 or so mm.


This is going to as hard as my other SFF cases.


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Posted · Original PosterOP

In today's episode of "Fit or no Fit?" we'll be looking at the motherboard, I/O cover, and the VRM heatsinks.


Looks very nice (don't mind the dust) and spacious at first glance But I need to fit a radiator + fans on the top part of the chassis.



Remarkably, it fits quite easily, although it should be noted that the radiator must go in first, otherwise the radiator would collide with the plastic shroud of the motherboard. This could be removed, but I would like to keep it if possible, so this is nice.



Fans clear the VRM heatsinks quite easily



My reservoir mount also clears the G. Skill memory.




So all in all, the base layout looking something like this, I don't think there are any more tight spots, so I'm hoping the rest of the procedure is going to be relatively smooth.


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