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Apps crashing for unknown reason

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi , I'm relatively new over here , please stay with me if I've some slight late replies . Recently I faced this issue which applications like cinebench or games crashing often with unknown reasons , they just closed themselves without giving any warning messages whatsoever . First off I thought it was the hard disk issue so I formatted my hard disk and download back drivers but somehow those applications are still crashing . I followed my oc guide according to this reddit user comment pyromonkey83 , link as below 

Do you guys have any idea why are the applications crashing by its own ? Could it be my chip issue ? Temperature are under controlled while running an incomplete cinebench r20 , the temperature didnt get over 80c
Pc specs :
i7-9700k 5.0ghz
Z390-E ROG

Gigabyte XP1200M

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It's hard to tell with a limited info. So, maybe this will help us understand better.


- By apps, do you mean all the apps or certain apps. Have you check the task manager to see if there's any odd behaviour in CPU usage, memory usage, or disk usage?

- We know it happens frequently, so, can you duplicate the problem? what did you do before the problem occurs?

- Use some software to check your CPU temperature. It might give you a hint if temperature is causing the issues.

- Power supply may be the problem if it couldn't supply a constant power, has lotsof ripples or justsurge or spike within the power rail.


Here's what I can advise you:

- Resit your RAM

- Reapply thermal paste. Also, clean the heatsink and fan from dust.

- Check if all power cable are securely attach to the ports

- Also, check if all cables securely connected and all your components (VGA card or M.2 SSD) are properly attached.




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Have you checked your event viewer? Usually a good place to start as all your crashes will be recorded there under their own distinct code which you can then search for and it will tell you-generally-what the problem is i.e. drivers, video issues, RAM, corrupted data, etc

Will argue for food

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