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What resolution should I go with in a second monitor that compliments my 1440p 144hz monitor?

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I've been planning on getting myself a second monitor to compliment my MG279Q, but am not sure if I want another 1440p 144hz or a 4K 60hz.


The LG 27UL650 is very compelling as it's 4K 60hz, has HDR and is 400 euros when rounded off. Buying a second MG279Q would be 100 euros more, for a total of 500.


I will mostly just use the second monitor to have programs open, have Twitch/YouTube open while gaming.

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I have a friend that uses a 1440p 144Hz monitor for gaming as well as a 4K monitor for media consumption. I feel as though a 4K 60Hz monitor will compliment your 1440p quite nicely. 

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