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linux for science student

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Hi, I'm a physics student, and i need a recommendation for the most appropiate  version of Linux that will help me in my research, any suggestions?

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Science needs speed and space. Linux Mint, Ubuntu MATE both give speed.
Tiny core gives both but is painful to use

I would say Manjaro, Artix, Arch or another Arch based directive is for you. OR You could take the NASA rout and go Debian. I say Debian is better for the stability but Arch if you want to focus on better performance. 

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Sudo make me a sandwich 


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This based on my experience with several distros

Ubuntu is fast, has best hardware support and easy installer.

Debian is stable, but does not have very best hardware support.

Arch linux lets you install what you want but the installation procedure is somewhat complex.

Fedora is the test field for redhat linux

Manjaro and Anterjos are based on Arch Linux , installation is easy and they are fancy

Last But not the least you can try scientific linux which I haven't used. 

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