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Help building a home media server

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So to give a quick synopsis, what I want to do is run a computer that either runs windows with two accounts logged in, one for gaming, one as a NAS basically for auto downloads of tv shows, movies etc and will be tied into Plex. Or I want to run something like unraid where I use one cpu and 1/2 gpus that branches off into two systems(like what linus does for say 6 editors 1 cpu concept)


Now to answer those pre made questions 


1. Budget & Location

Okay so this is the easy one, my location is Australia, more specifically south Australia. My normal go to retailers are mwave, pc case gear, msy, all needs, scorptec, new egg(global au) and I believe that's It


My budget is 2k-3k but I'm willing to spend upwards of 4k AUD


2. Aim

Okay so the aim for this build like mentioned above is two things


NAS(most important part): So the nas side of the build would be a video, I believe, transcode server that runs Plex and would stream to all the devices on my network(I have room mates who would likely use to but for ease let's say 3-4 devices at max would have access to it) . I would also ideally like this to house all my files(photos,documents,random stuff) and say game engine versions on it(I do game development and have 60 gbs of just game engine installs :/)  so programs as well


Gaming: So this isn't as big of a deal as I have my own personal rig, but ideally I'd like to put this machine out in our lounge room and just be able to have my room mates or I log in on the tv and play some video games on the tv. I can't exactly give specifics for what games but COD, Fallout, Destiny are 3 franchises that would be played frequently along with some games like Life is Strange. These would ideally hit 4k 60fps on mid-high settings(ultra if possible)


Ideally the rig would be easily upgrable without any data loss etc(so adding a new HDD would be easy)


3. Monitors

So the tv we have at the moment is pretty old and probably 1080p at best but as mentioned above I'd like to hit 4k 60fps as I'd like to when j move out put this in my own area etc or if we upgrade our tv it'll be to something 4k most likely 


4. Peripherals

Peripherals are not included in budget as I will use the cheapest stuff to start with and work with that, but since there will be a bit of couch gaming, likely a keyboard, mouse, controller(Xbox and duelshock). And all would need to be wireless. Again these aren't included but suggestions are welcome 


Software I've been looking at is either windows/unraid/both


Then sonarr and an equivalent of it but these are more programs then os's I believe 


5. Why are you upgrading?

So I want a file server and media server that I can setup to just auto download the newest episodes of shows and movies easily. I also don't really wanna modify my personal rig as I don't want all the server aspects of it, impacting on performance to the pc itself


Another thing is that the pc will have to have Wi-Fi as it won't be able to have LAN ran to it 


This is the spec list I've got so far, any help is appreciated





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I was checking out the spec and was like "why are these prices so damn high?" haha then I realized it was Aus. seems legit as far as the spec goes. I'm about to do the same thing but a cheaper build since its only gonna be a media server pretty much.


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