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Looking for people to start a UE4 development team.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello Forum.

I am looking for talent willing to join for my UE4 team. 

I am making a Third Person Adventure game (Similar to Yakuza or Brutal Legend)

I am mainly looking for people:

1). Who are skilled with Blender, Maya, and or Photoshop

2). Who are skilled with blueprints or programming in general.

3). And who are good problem solvers and are awesome dudes.

(Bonus points if you know C++)


Discord Server is below, if you want to join the team.


i7 6700k, GTX 1080, Crucial MX 300, Maximus VII Hero, WD Blue, 16 GB RAM

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you got any references. no disrespect but the amount of kids that asked me to help them with their idea for a game i cant even count. it would help if you provided some sort reference as to how professional this is and what kind of experriece your have yourself with projects like this.

"I know its stupidly overdone and unreasonably unneccesary but wouldnt it be awesome if ..."


CPU: Delidded i7 7700k (watercooled) Cooling: 3x 360 rads by Alphacool  MB: ASUS z270i  RAM: G.Skill Trident Z RGB 16GB  GPU: MSI GTX1080 Ti Aero @ 2 GHz (watercooled)  DISPLAY: LG 34UC88-B 21:9 1440p SSD(OS): Samsung 960 EVO 250GB SSD(Games): Corsair MP510 960GB SSD(Applikations): Samsung 850 EVO 500GB  HDD(Scratch): WD Blue 500GB HDD(Downloads): WD Blue 320GB HDD(Long-term): WD Green 2TB (external)   PSU: Corsair SF750 Case: Lian Li PC-O11 D Mouse: Logitech MX Master Keyboard: Logitech G513 Carbon


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