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Can you hide Chrome's taskbar?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Is there an option to have the taskbar and tabs bar of Google Chrome to work just like the Windows taskbar, which you can hide when you don't need it and just move your mouse to the back of the screen to have it pop up? Is there such an option to hide all Chrome Tabs and all that, just like when you press F11 but more convenient?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Yeah but that's still something you have to press. What I'm looking for, if it exists, is a complete copy-paste of the Windows "hide taskbar" option that would apply to Chrome's top taskbar, to have a fullscreen experience identic to what you have when pressing F11 without having to actually press anything, and just slide my mouse at the top of the screen to display the bar again.

Maybe it just does not exist yet though?

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