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Best DAP under 200

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Hey guys!

I've been researching getting a DAP for a while now as I feel like the amplification and sound quality coming out of my Oneplus 6 is unsatisfying.

I'm listening mostly if not purely to local FLAC files, but I think that having an android player or at all having streaming apps available would benefit me greatly, but I'm not 100% sold on that.

I've narrowed it down to the Fiio M6 or if I can find one, an x5iii second hand, Hiby R3, Shanling M3s and the Hidisz AP80. Honestly, after reading plenty of articles and comparisons and watching hours of videos on YouTube I'm still really confused. The worst part is that other than a guy that sells an x5iii on the other side of the country (3 hours on train), most if not all local stores don't let us listen to products before purchase so I can't compare it first hand, so I'm looking for suggestions if you guys can help me get a better understanding.


Firstly, I mostly listen to rap/hip hop and electronic music, and also pop and alternative - so having warmer sound and a wide soundstage is something I prefer.

I'm going to use the DAP mostly with the NuForce EDC or the Tin T2, sometimes with Meze 99 Noirs.


Second, if possible, I'd like to be able to use it as a pass-through combo to use with my laptop.


Lastly, like I mentioned above, not a must but having android instead of some proprietary OS would be great. Or maybe like the R3 with Tidal Online mode (although being offline would be better)



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