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Broken Asus RX 470 rog strix o4g

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Posted · Original PosterOP

My rx 470 is giving these stripes in the screen. I have no idea how to fix it. Anyone who has the same problem, or better a solition. It boots into windows. And in the bios the stripes are also there. Maybe a gpu bios update? Thanks for helping.


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Have you tried reflashing the card's vBIOS?


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This is artifacting - Ive heard you can do the "bake a GPU" method in an oven to get some more life out of them potentially.  Google that - can fix it if its a bad solder joint.

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I'm not saying it is your display cable/ports for sure... but its probably your display cable/ports 


it could be something else but I have seen that before and its usually fixed by either a new cable or if the new cable does not fix it use a different port like your hdmi or if already on hdmi then display port. 


could also be the input port on the monitor being the break in that chain. 

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I tried install drivers but after reboot i saw the splash screen and then it did not give any signal. Displayport and dvi are not working, only hdmi is working. I flashed the vbios and that did not make any difference either. I think it is an old mining card since the bracket where you screw it in the case is really bent. 


I also took the card apart and cleaned it very well and changed thermal paste. This also did not make a difference. I think this card is death. I don't want to bake it in an oven because it might damage it more.

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not sure a bad install and bent metal means it was a mining card. I have cards with thousands of hours mining that run like tops and have zero damage from installation. 


That said have you tried another monitor? or plugging something else into this monitor to ensure it is not that as well. 


my order of operations on checking a display problem 

1st try another display cable between the monitor and video out. 

2nd if not fixed try another video output on the device if it exists.

3rd if not fixed try another display to verify that is not the issue.

4th try the GPU in a different slot on the motherboard

5th if none of the above fixes it try a new gpu in the loop. 

6th if a new gpu has the same issue its probably the motherboard 









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Posted · Original PosterOP

Tried the gpu with 3 different computers. Also i switched the cables 3 times every different type of cable. And I tried a monitor and a tv. So most likely it is the gpu. Thanks for helping everybody.

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yup... unless it can mine still  then its a goner (even then a 470 is not liekly worth it unless you have free or cheap power). the oven trick might get you a little life out of it but while i have seen it work its often a temporary fix so if it works start saving for the new one. 

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I do some pc flipping and I have more of these cards. So it does not matter that much if it is broken. 

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