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How does a breadboard work

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5 minutes ago, Ryzen4Life said:

How does a breadboard work ya'll 



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It's a board with what are essentially wires running underneath connecting all the little inputs together. They typically have two buss bars down the sides that are all connected, and then each row of 5 or 6 holes are all connected.

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oh.. wow, i read in the title as "broadband".  Didn't realise until i read replies, haven't heard this term ever before :P

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1 hour ago, Ryzen4Life said:

to make a RPi Handheld

Prototype yes

real device: totally not, the connection is to unreliable 

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a breadboard is made out of U shaped segments where the wall are slightly springy, so when you insert a pin or wire, the walls put a bit of pressure on it.

You can see these U shaped segments in transparent breadboards.


So a breadboard is useful because you can quickly put DIP chips across the middle of the board, and then for each pin of your chip, you can have up to 4 holes, 4 connections to other things.

So it makes prototyping things fast.

It's just for temporary things though, the length of those U shape metal bits inside can make them behave as antennas, or as capacitors (two metals separated by insulator can "create" a capacitor so they're not recommended for high frequency circuits like switching regulators, very fast microcontrollers etc etc.



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