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How To Fresh Install Windows

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Okay, to start I know how to reset windows but I'm not sure exactly how to do this. To begin my dad was recently sent a new work laptop but after about 3 months his company hasn't asked for the old laptop back. He doesn't need or want it but its a lot better than my current computer. How could I completely wipe the laptop and remove all the work-related stuff? It's enrolled in an enterprise and has BitLocker encryption. We know all the passwords so we can get in but we don't have an administrator. Would it be easier to completely wipe the drive and just not even bother wiping then upgrading a windows 7 laptop? I doubt it's been upgraded since like 2014 so that might make it easier somehow. Any tips would be appreciated

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I would refrain from doing anything to the drive. Sometimes it can take companies years (if they're big) but eventually they'll do an audit and find that they're missing a laptop given to your father. Everyone could get in big legal trouble if they found you wiped the drive.


If you want to use it and assuming you have access to the BIOS I'd set aside the company HDD/SSD and install your own.

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How to fresh install Windows? I think the same way as hundreds others who asked the same question every month on this forum. :)

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