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Good second hand micro 4/3rd lenses for video under £2/300

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Hi all, 

Wanted to hear your thoughts on micro 4/3rd lenses in the second hand market that may be good for video. 


Low aperture would be good but depends on the lens. I'm interested in some more 'vintage' style looks, I actually really like how say anamorphic lenses start to lose depth of field going outwards in the image. I think what I'd like is to break away from the clean, clinical look of many modern lenses. I've already got a lens which does it rather well! 


That said, if there's any good all round lenses that typically go for a good price second hand I'm more than open... 


Also aware Micro 4/3 is quite a new lens mount so vintage might not be so easy to come by ':) 

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If you want a vintage look, get an adapter and find some really old lenses. One of the best parts about the M4/3 mount is how it can adapt a wide range of glass due to the distance from the mount to the sensor. Find an camera shop in your town and ask to see their collection of older lenses and I think you'll be surprised what they find. 

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