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Minecraft RTX on VS Minecraft SEUS PTGI

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So which graphics is more visually impressing in your opinion?

Is it the official RTX?


Or is it SEUS PTGI? This video will showcase most versions:


So tell me your opinion... What do you think is more visually impressing?

My Opinion is that SEUS PTGI is actually better than the official RTX... Because the SEUS PTGI works on a Video Card like GTX 970 very well on medium~high or even ultra settings... When you will need at-least an RTX 2060 to run Minecraft official RTX... Also SEUS PTGI in my opinion looks way better and enchanted than the official RTX... Tell me your opinion...

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IMO The RTX implantation looks way too over done, I know it's a demo so it's supposed to look more intense than the actual version but it seems almost bestbuy tv levels of excessive. SUES seems much more alive and colourful (So I think SUES Looks better). Personally I use Silder's Enhanced Default because it adds nice shadows and wavy plants but doesn't lower the FPS or change the look too much.

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You should post this to r/minecraft. IMO SEUS PTGI is better than Minecraft RTX for 3 reasons:


1. It runs on a whole lot of hardware, not just RTX cards or GTX using raster based RTX which runs badly. You can run it on a 980, a card that is budget nowadays. Although it might not run well, you don't have to buy another GPU for it

2.It is on the superior Java platform. Java has mods and isn't locked down like bedrock. Also, if you can't run SEUS PTGI on cheap card like a 750 Ti, then going with a cut down shader like Chocapic13 will work very well. I remember that my old 750 Ti used to run shaders very well.

3.In a hands on demo, it was shown that the CPU became a bottleneck when the render distance was increased due to the number of calls to it. Shaders don't have that.


However, RTX also has its own benefits:

1.Runs a lot better. PTGI can't utilize RT or Tensor cores, so raw power will give more performance on PTGI. If you have a RTX card and don't care about mods, then RTX is the way to go.

2.It is in the much more populated bedrock platform. Java edition has only 30m copies sold out of the entire 176m. 


At the end of the day, it is just a special shader that is only available to bedrock users with RTX cards. I wouldn't try GTX on minecraft due to the fact a 1080 can be worse than a 2060 non super. I would say:If you have access to minecraft RTX, you must have an RTX card which means you are on PC. If you are on PC, you can use Java which you should because of the mods. Shaders look good already, at this point the graphical quality increase is too little for the performance hit.

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I'd have to wait for RTX to officially release to give a proper opinion. Currently the textures and materials in SEUS are massively superior to what was showcased in the RTX demo.

Until the RTX can have the same materials and structures as SEUS and have an actual direct comparison I'm reserving judgement, but I'm still thinking SEUS might win it.

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RTX one is more accurate but SEUS is the more impressive looking right now with all the mods. 

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