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LTX 2019 VIP: The Experience.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I am going to tag as much of the LMG staff here as i know on the forum. I don't normally like to do this becuase you guys get enough spam, but consider this my thank-you for LTX 2019:

@RILEYISMYNAME @nicklmg @jakkuh_t @GabenJr @jmart604@James @LinusTech @Slick @CPotter 


We’ll, this is it. Some time ago I made a promise to @Schnoz and @Origami Cactus that I would write a comprehensive LTX 2019 VIP post and this is the result, even if it is 4 weeks after LTX 2019 ended. Since the VIP tickets are by design difficult to get, I thought maybe a more in-depth description of the experience may be worth a read.


First, some background on me. For those of you that do not care about me and are only concerned about VIP, skip the spoiler:


My name is Dylan and I am from Michigan. I started a Computer refurbishing business in 2018 called CircleTech LLC. What we do is go around to scrap yards, junk yards, recycling centers, and small businesses and buy their computers. Then we resell the machines as either complete builds or we just sell the parts. The business is not glamourous sounding, but it has been profitable since day one. We have been consistently doing several thousand in sales a month and our numbers are only rising, so I know I am onto something here. I even paid a friend to ship packages for me.


I have done lots of other things before I started the business. I am an Eagle Scout, I built an electric bike that goes 40mph (and hand-soldered the battery pack), and I am currently a Southern Illinois Student with a major in Electrical Engineering. I bought the LTX 2019 ticket primarily to find out how on Earth Linus started his business with Luke, and where he plans to go next. If I ever plan on scaling up CircleTech, I will need to gain many more sets of skills that LMG has already figured out. Things like HR, marketing, building a brand, and most importantly, finding good talent. I was one of the lucky 20 people that managed to grab the LTX 2019 VIP ticket, and here is my experience.



LTX 2019 started with the Limo Ride.


The limo was at best interesting. Of course the ride had RGB. The limo itself wasn’t special, but the people inside were. There was One guy from the UK who has his own tiny YouTube channel and built a sick looking hardline gaming PC. I also met very successful entrepreneur who was telling us about his 7-figure deals he has done in various industries from real estate to marijuana. This entrepreneur asked Linus later about how he balanced work and life with his kids so in case Linus reads this, maybe it will jog your memory.


Then we arrived for the office tour.


Linus brought us to the second floor where the writers and sales dens were. I am going to steal links from Gamers Nexus’s video of LMGs office tour from a while ago as reference to where we went:




Linus Brought us all in the room and thanked us for coming. We were apparently a big source of cash for them and it went to things like AkbKuKu’s vintage computer booth at LTX. He talked about the people he met on the office tours and how there was one guy who started a software company. Then we got a tour of Linus’s office.


We got to see the water cooled desk PC next. We saw the $5000 skulltrail system that hadn’t yet been posted to YouTube. We also got to talk about some more confidential stuff that LMG couldn’t share with the general public yet like upcoming videos and product releases.



 Up next was the camera den:

We all got to hold the 8K red cameras and learned they are really heavy. There is a reason the team at LMG wear camera harnesses behind the scenes because otherwise, they would be exhausted at the end of every day. David really has a thankless job at LMG because he is always behind the set and we never see him.


Then we viewed the kitchen set:



We learned about how Linus struggled to find a good designer for the set, and how LMG went with a kitchen set in the first place because it felt “homely” and not like a big commercial setup. The kitchen ironically adds more legitimacy to LMG because it makes it seem like you can trust LMG vs them just being a giant non-transparent company.


Then we LANded (see what I did there), in the LAN center:



This is where we got to really talk to LMG and talk to the employees. For me, this was one of the big reasons I bought the ticket. I wanted to hear the employee’s stories at LMG and how they got their jobs. Here are two very brief descriptions of two employees that were present at the VIP event:


Anthony: I learned Anthony used to work at Geek Squad in their support office. He applied to LMG and Linus liked his resume.


Jon: Jon literally just applied online to get his writing job, and LMG must have liked him.


Then I got to talk to linus:


I asked linus “If you could tell yourself something 10 year ago when you were first starting out, what would it be?”


Linus: “That’s a hard question. Honestly I don’t know.”




Thanks Linus, So helpful. Now he did eventually come up with some better answers, but I had to come back to him.


I turned around to luke and asked:


“What advice do you wish you could give yourself when you and Linus started LMG?”


Luke: “Find good talent. It’s hard to do that, but they are going to be the thing that really makes your company worth stand out from the crowd.”


Then I went back to Linus and gave him a book I recently finished reading: The Hypomanic Edge. The Hypomanic Edge is a book about how the crazy people we normally think of who have things like “OCD” or “ADHD” are typically the same individuals who achieve something great. The book covers stories about Christopher Columbus, Alexander Hamilton, Andrew Carnegie, Craig Venter and how these people had obsessive disorders that made them different enough to change the world. Now am I saying Linus is like any of these people? Well yes, but only a little. Starting a business isn’t for the faint of heart, and always comes with its own set of risks. I loved reading the book, so I gave it to Linus. At this point Linus had some better talking points.


“At LMG, we always try to do what is the best. Not the cheapest and not the fastest, but whatever is the best. I always try to hire the best writers, the best editors, and buy my employees the best equipment for the job. I also sometimes greenlight stupid things that won’t immediately make money (like Alex’s workshop), but they are ultimately the best thing to do for moving the company forward in the long run.”


“HR is a real pain and something I overlooked at first. It turns out that people are very complex.”


Then I played a round of super smash bros, with Linus and a few others, and came in dead last. 10/10 would play again.


Now the VIP event was wrapping up, but we weren’t done just yet. We all piled back in the limo and got to see LTX 2019 before anyone else did. We got to see the RC racing booth, the VR booths, the MSI booth, building a PC booth, and the vintage PC booth. It was awesome and looking back at it a little eerie to see the place setup but with no people. I didn’t expect it and it was just an RGB cherry on top for the VIP ticket.


Of course I had to get a selfie with Linus before I left:




BTW one of my friends thinks me and linus look similar. 

I also met a ton of awesome tech-tubers at LTX and tried to get a selfie with every one of them even if some of them look like garbage. The only person I didn't get was Austin ?. Oh well, it’s the thought that counts:









Then the most surprising thing happened at LTX 2019: Linus Called out my business one the WAN Show:



I had the 1000 yard stare for a minute straight while I tried to realize what just happened.


LTX 2019 ended up being so much fun and so engaging I think I ate a total of one time at the convention. No I am not proud of this, but I kind of just forgot to do it. Whoops. 


I was almost sad that LTX had to end. Oh well, we all have to go back to our day jobs at some point. Can’t spend your whole life at a convention.


Suggestions for next years VIP:


If LMG really wants to take VIP to a whole new level, how about instead of making it just the LMG VIP, make it the “creators” VIP event as well? You could bring in people like Steve from Gamers Nexus, Dimitri, JayzTwoCents, Barnacules, Pauls Hardware, Bitwit kyle, Derb8uer, Wendell, and possibly even smaller creators like Tech YES city, OZ Talks HW, and Phils computer lab. Then it wouldn’t be just an LMG VIP event, it would be a tech-tuber VIP event.


Now in order to fund this event, LMG has two choices. You could keep the same number of people but double the price of the tickets (which we know would have zero impact on sales) or instead LMG could just allow 30-40 people to get the VIP ticket instead. Now that it wouldn’t be just a VIP ticket to see Linus, it’s not as ridiculous to think LMG could just add more people to the VIP event since there would be so many creators to meet and not everyone would be crowded around Linus. If I was to redesign the VIP event again, I would try to do that anyway. I know you guys paid for a lot of creators hotels on Friday night anyway so the big additional cost would be just getting everyone down to one place and of course, the logistics.



Ever since I went to LTX 2019, it has changed my view on LMG and the other tech-tubers drastically. I have been watching LTT since 2013 and up until then they have been just another face on the internet. It’s an entirely different thing to meet LMG and the employees in person instead of viewing them through a screen. Before LTX 2019, LMG and the staff were just another YouTube channel, but now I know there are real people doing great work, and making fantastic tech videos for everyone across the world to enjoy for free. Now every time I see an LTT video I think to myself “Hey I met that guy, And he is a real human being who has a life behind the camera just like everyone else!” vs “Oh, just another LTT video”. Meeting someone in person is an entirely different thing than seeing them online for years, and it was worth every penny. I just wish my cash flow wasn’t so variable so I could afford to buy merch, or floatplane.


I would like to thank LMG for the opportunity to meet them and for the convention they put on. For me, LTX 2019 was a huge deal and I can honestly say it changed my life, even if it was just in a tiny way. The VIP event taught me that if I work hard, find talent, and most importantly don’t give up, I too can build a successful business in whatever I want. Thank you LMG for the opportunity to meet your incredible team, and I will do everything I can to attend LTX 2020.


PS: LTX shoud be given the unoffical name of "The Tech Orgy of Canada" ?

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That's.. Interesting.

~New~  BoomBerryPi project !  ~New~

new build log : http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/533392-build-log-the-scrap-simulator-x/?p=7078757 (5 screen flight sim for 620$ CAD)LTT Web Challenge is back ! go here  :  http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/448184-ltt-web-challenge-3-v21/#entry601004

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First off: Wow, holy crud! Thanks so much for taking the time to write this for us! 


Second: I really wish I was in your feet at that time as well. I've never been able to go to LTX (duh) because of time and distance (I live in Northern California). I'm actually having trouble writing this because there was a LOT in there! I love it!

The Schnoz

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2 hours ago, Origami Cactus said:

Nice writeup! You should work as a salesman for LMG; you really sold the vip experience for me!


Very detailed!

Haha I totally agree :D 


7 hours ago, CircleTech said:

Then we LANded (see what I did there), in the LAN center:

Your puns are just as bad as Linus' ??

Anyways. Thanks for writing. I wanna go even more now. Hopefully I can in 2020. Fingers and toes crossed.

Please ping or quote me if you want a response. :) 







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Thanks! This is exactly what I was looking for when I posted asking about the VIP experience. Hope we are able to snag tickets next year.

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600X 3.8 GHz 6-Core Processor Motherboard Asus Tuf B450 Gaming Motherboard RAM: Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR4-3200 Memory GPU: Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER 8 GB Gaming OC 3X Video Card Case: Corsair Carbide Series 275R ATX Mid Tower White with Tempered glass

Storage: Samsung - 970 EVO 500 GB M.2 NVMe SSD PSU: Corsair TXM Gold 650 W 80+ Gold Certified Semi-modular ATX Power Supply

Display(s): 1xMSI Optix MAG272CRX 27.0" 1920x1080 240 Hz Monitor 2xASUS VZ239H-W 23" Full HD 1080p IPS HDMI VGA Eye Care Monitor

Cooling: Corsair H100i RGB PLATINUM SE 63 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler Keyboard: Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 SE Mouse: Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition: 5G Optical Sensor 16,000 DPI

Sound: Corsair VOID RGB ELITE 7.1 Channel Headset Operating System: Linux, Windows 10 PCPartPicker URL: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/3bZNZfhttps://pcpartpicker.com/list/3bZNZf


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Makes me wish the price on the VIP tickets was higher, haha. 

I couldn't get a ticket and I TRIED. Account pre-registered, payment info pre-entered, F5ing like crazy from a computer basically directly connected to an ISP interconnect (I assume, was at a major corporation with VERY GOOD internet) over ethernet. 

R9 3900x; 64GB RAM | RTX 2080 | 1.5TB Optane P4800x

1TB ADATA XPG Pro 8200 SSD | 2TB Micron 1100 SSD
HD800 + SCHIIT VALI | Topre Realforce Keyboard

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Fellow LTX VIP and this write up is perfect. I'd like to say it was fun getting to talk to CircleTech on the party bus ride to and from the event.


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