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Not sure if I'm running Aida64 right

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So I oc'd my 6600k to 4.2Ghz (didn't change any voltage just the multiplier, OC'd cus I feel like i'm getting CPU bound in a lot of games these days), running aida64 to see if everythings kosher and whatnot but I'm not sure I'm using it right? I'm doing the system stability checker, ran doing just cpu test for 5mins, was okay didn't hit anything above like 42C but stayed consistently level in temps, did CPU+FPU for 5mins and got above 50C but once again stayed consistent. Just did CPU+FPU+Cache for 10mins and same thing. Instantly goes up to 52C and fluctuates around there with a +/-1 difference. Per core temp is a +/-4 difference from the average. I know I should probably let it run longer but I feel 10mins should let me know if it's going to get overly hot quickly or whatnot and should be stable enough. I'm just worried I'm doing something wrong cus those temps seem super low. For reference idle is about 30C



For reference I just have like a Gammaxx 400 for a cooler with shitty startech paste (pls no bully am very poor), Define R4? I think, for a case and the front is closed but the top is open. Unless the temp readings from aida aren't reliable but at the same time the cooler fan does not ramp up or anything when I do the test. Actually I just ran another test with CPU+FPU+Cache and used HWMonitor to check temps and it's basically reporting the same thing.



Is it just that my OC isn't that much? lmao


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Their paste is god awful, and not at all rated for overclocking a CPU. If you brick something from temps, you won't have any real support. Depends on which one you went for, of course, but one lists it's for high-end CPUs and it's still bad. That being said, leave the test running for at least 10 minutes. I always go for 30 minutes though. Make sure your clocks are actually at the right speed too, to make sure it's applied correctly. 

Also, a 6600k is 3.9GHz max turbo normally, so 4.2 isn't a huge overclock. You may have a pretty nice chip for this though, and it's not heating up a terribly large amount. One thing to point out though, the TDP is 91W for a 6600k, and that cooler is rated for 130W so you've got some decent headroom with it.

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