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Best "carry everything" backpack

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i'm looking for some advice... I've been using the Astro backpack (https://www.amazon.com/ASTRO-Gaming-Scout-Backpack-Games-Controllers/dp/B009S88HFK) for years now to carry everything from full xbox game-night setups to stuff for school/office work. I'm just wondering if there's another backpack now-a-days that compares in organizational ability and "carry everything" performance.


I don't have game nights any more, but I still like to carry everything I could possibly need with me in my backpack. That usually means i carry: laptop (currently razer blade 15, occasionally add in gf's ipad/macbook pro), mouse, xbox controller (optional), xbox controller to pc wireless usb adapter/hub, iphone cable, type c cable, micro usb cable, 2 port usb charger, 30,000 mAh battery pack, nintendo switch (optional), over-ear headphones, spare batteries, hdmi cable, 25 or 50 flat Ethernet cable, usb-c hub/dongle.... and all that fits well organized with most things individually stored on their own or by category in small zippered pockets in the backpack...


I was wondering if the MOS Blackpack (https://mosorganizer.com/products/mos-blackpack) or even the Razer backpack had the potential to match/surpass the Astro backpack in its ability to carry EVERYTHING (and be organized about it).


are they any other possible contenders?


preferences: at least decent/good protection for electronics (as i'll be carrying all of it in there), black or understated look (use for work / prefer to blend in rather than yell "EXPENSIVE STUFF HERE")


Thank you for your help and time!


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If you're looking for something on the cheaper side, this is the backpack that I own and use on the daily.




It manages to hold my beefy AW 15 and charger, my drone, all it's accessories, all my laptop accessories and still more. With plenty of flexibility changing how the inside is laid out.  Plus it's really comfortable to carry for long periods of time 

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reminds me.  would love to see Linus do a Portable gaming build.  One of those Suitcase builds for on the go.  Now a days we have some pretty awesome small form factors to choose from, you could get something the size of a PS4/Xbox and dominate.  Ofcourse you need to carry the keyboard and mouse.

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I decided to go "military" and went for a 5.11 Rush 24. I take it with my buddy to go do photography and he's always slightly annoyed by just how much storage space and pockets it has, along with MOLLE all around the outside and a pouch for a bulletproof plate... or a camelbak pouch. Either way works fine. You should be able to find them at hunting or sporting stores.


It's not particularly flashy, and I've not had anyone say anything about it. You can also get fun patches to slap on it. I went for some Metal Gear Foxhound patches.


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Don't know if it would be any good but I have a GT Omega bag

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